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Marketing for Independents!

This page gives you access to the complete MFI Execution Plan Library (below).  Each Execution Plan takes you step-by-step though a specific marketing tactic, proven to work for independent restaurants.

You can also access What's Working Now, our special Marketers Toolbox and the MFI Deals currently available to Marketing for Independents members.

Drive Customer Visits in Slow Months

Use our famous No-Peek system proven to drive customer traffic during your traditionally slow months.

Social Media Mastery for the Independent Operator

For better, or for worse, Social Media is here to stay.  Here's how to get and stay on top of the Social Media game.

Use Demographics and the Magic of Birthdays

Attract a flood of qualified customers to your restaurant by wishing them "Happy Birthday"!

Attract New Guests From Neighborhoods Close to You

Reach new customers who live in targeted neighborhoods loaded with potential customers

Run a Profitable, Evergreen Birthday Club 

How to set up and run a fun, easy and profitable birthday club.

Capture Hotel Visitors, Any Time of Day or Night

Hotel located near your restaurant? You'll want to use this EP to activate new traffic.

Make YELP Work for You Instead of Against You.

Yelp can be an operator's worse nightmare.  Here's how to get started (or restarted) with Yelp... the right way.

Produce an Effective,Profitable Fundraising System

How to set up and run your own fundraising system to attract new customers and add thousands to your bottom line.

Marketing for Independents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See how the MFI Team uses EPs to improve our customers' profits. (Get Your Questions Answered)

Jump-Start A New Location: The 21-Day Master Plan

Don't open a new location without executing this marketing plan...in just 21 days.

Keep Yourself on Top of Major Online Search Engines...for Free!

People search for your kind of restaurant every day.  Here's how to make sure they find you at the top of search results.

Double Your Gift Card Sales This Year

Gift card sales are critical for most restaurants.  Here's how to double your volume and drive tons of new customer visits.

16-Point Website Checkup.

Make sure your website isn't just "pretty", but that it works the way it should, no questions asked.

Email is (still) is THE Preferred Way to Communicate With Customers.

Too many restaurants ignore email...much to their own peril.  Here's what to do instead.

Reach New Customers with Paid Search Advertising

Don't waste hard-earned money paying Google for search ads.  Set up (or reset) and run your account the right way.

Create 100's of Return Visits from "Special" Days and Events

Use this Bounceback VMA system to create 100's of returning customers from "special day" crowds.

Lunch Traffic Builder 

If you need more traffic to your restaurant during lunch, this is the EP to use.

$20 a Day Restaurant Marketing

Don't have a lot of money to spend?  Then try the $20 a day plan!

 It's Still Early... Make Facebook Work for You!

Confused on what to do with Facebook?  Use this E.P. to create your page and gain tons of new fans.

The Money is in the Lists You Own. Build ALL Your Lists

Profitable restaurants have great customer lists.  Here's how to build your important lists, simply  and inexpensively.

(Limited Time Offer Knockout)

Feel like your LTO efforts go to waste?  Use this EP to create and sell more LTOs.

17 Minute Monthly Planning Tool

Use this EP every month to make sure your marketing and advertising dollars are never flushed away.

Direct Mail is Far From Dead

Here's how to keep your customers coming back more often (and for a longer time) using a time tested media: Paper and Ink!